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Welcome to Me1Creatives your local SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Kent. We are a no fuss, forward thinking agency who understand the need create a social agency that focuses on results, by that we mean ROI ( Return On Investment ).

We offer SEO and digital marketing services to suit everyone and are one of the few Digital Marketing agencies to offer fully automated Email, SMS and whatsapp marketing along with your very own dashboard. Our clients can expect the unparalleled expertise of a leading agency with all of the advantages of being with a boutique company that fights hard for every client. Delivering transformational growth for our clients does not come easily. It takes passion, expertise, creativity, time and meticulous planning. All while being committed to ethical and environmental standards, so our clients can receive outstanding search and SEO services.

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Brand Identity

The visual element of your brand, Here at the creative lab we consult, research, design, develop and launch your brand in a way that will catapult you and your business into the forefront of your industry. We will lovingly help you build your brand from sales and calls, branding, fundraising public relations, strategy and research, digital marketing, experimental marketing, loyalty marketing, surveys, exhibition marketing and more. Laura our digital marketing expert (known as the bossy one) understands that your brand is king, your brand success drives our success and i think we can all agree that we would'nt be in business if we didn't want success. We understand that a unique, strong brand is essential and here at ME1creatives we are pround that we can achieve this for you. Just try to remember, it's easy to create a logo, it's fun and it can be relativley cheap but your logo isn't your brand but rather just one element of your brand.Click Here to view our brand identity solutions.


"Extraordinary", "absolutely phenominal, are just a couple of ways that our customers have described our bosses coffee making skills however it's also the way that our illustration team have been described by our customers. Our team members have worked with TV and Radio, Local advertising and internationally recognised brand names to develop astonishing results. We believe that digital illustration is a vital tool in today's world and images can convey a message in a way words cannot, especially when you have a lisp like me! anyway back to the point, illustration has been overlooked as an unnecessary element in digital design and marketing but for those businesses that rely soley on illustration ( and believe me thats a lot ) it can be make or break. Infographics are and always will be most effective way of sharing data and that is just 10% of the illustration market. Top tip's from us, If you add coconut oil to pasta, it makes it easier to scrape into the bin, follow me for more cooking tip's ;), but seriously we urge you to consider using professional illustration in your marketing strategy.


One of the most crucial elements of your online presence, from simple strategies to running your social media drives we really do have the creative ability to project your message to the world utilising every digital doorway possible.That said we love to take a different approach, we see value in our working relationship and unsdertand that while we can boost your brand's visability we like to think we can bring value to you and your team also by engaging and educating you with our beautifully crafted marketing guides to help you understand what we are doing and why. We are one of the few marketing agencies who can offer fully automated online SMS / MMS gateway so you can quickly and easily create and send SMS or MMS campaigns to individuals or groups in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes. Email to SMS to turn any email into an SMS message with our Email to SMS product. Works will all major email clients; Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. Our Marketing services have been used for local, National and International campaigns.

Web Design

You can rest assured that our talented team of creators will design and develop the right website for you and your business. Not only do we design and develop your website through consultation but we also optimise your website using our SEO development team and strategy, all of course included in as part of the service potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. Professional website development should not end at the build phase as most do but rather include a strategy for implementation and SEO. In todays development process customers are persuaded to hand over large amounts of money in return for a pre-made website theme parading your company details, generic "about us" scripts and little in the way of unique content, after this point you are left to your own devices to manage and market your products and website, at some point you will hear about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - . SEO can become a very expensive part of marketing but is all to often neglected during the build phase of your website. ME1 Creatives ensure that SEO is at the heart of all we do, we understand the importance of Search engine optimisation .

Administration & Content

We have a wonderful in-house team who thrive on producing unique content for your websites, blogs or even marketing material. We are also fortunate to have an army of talented freelance creative minds who specialise in all forms of administration and content writing. Pay per hour or pay per 500 words the choice is yours but it's also that simple. Via our huge network consiting of in house writers and our freelance partners we are able to offer a cost effective alternative to your business administration reducing the need of full-time offices and overheads. For larger businesses this can also reduce the need for staff contracts allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter. From data entry to audio transcrips ME1 Creatives have you covered. Our remote administration team have years of experience behind them so regarless of the project or the project size we are confident that we can assist you.

Consultation and Sales

We understand many of our clients like to design and develop stratagies and even websites themselves and we love this! we share your passion and would love to help you grow. Here at ME1 Creatives we have some of the best creative minds available to assist you via consultation both personally and online. Consulting is not just about telling you what we think, it is about building a rappor, understanding the brand and product, about joining your team and learning what is important to you. We have a fantastic team of consultants who have managed professional ecommerce stores, designed huge SEO strategies for major online retailers and who have been at the forefront of international marketing campaigns. ME1 Creatives value you, Drop us a call or email today, you will be suprised how much we can help you grow.

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"Marketing was not our strong point as a business but you made it simple and effective, i'm very greatful for your hard work, thank you so much".

Andrew a client who has worked with the best seo company in kent, me1 creatives.
Andrew Suredrive Automotive

"Thank you, our office struggled with communications to british companies, me1creatives have helped us bridge that gap".

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Sundar Pichai

"we use these guys for all of our admin projects, we are a small company who are able to produce massive volumes of work thanks to you"

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Satya Nadella

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